Khmelnytskyi Institute of Social Technologies of University «Ukraine», founded in is the youngest institution of higher education on Podillya.

  During two decades of its existence the institution trained above 8 thousand of specialists, among them‑800 people with special educational needs. The staff of the institute is proud of its graduates, who became highly-qualified specialists and work  in different spheres for the benefit of our state.

  Powerful educational and material base meets all the demands to the institution of higher education, which trains specialists of bachelors’ and masters’ levels. Information and computer centre with free access to Internet, a library with more than 30 thousand copies of scientific and educational literature, the Centre of Education and Rehabilitation with modern specialized literature, the Centre of Social Inclusion etc operate at the institute.

  From the very beginning to the present time the staff is headed by M. Chaikovskyi, Doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Honored Trainer of Ukraine, the author of more than 140 scientific publications.

  Today the training of future specialists is carried out by 4 Doctors of Sciences, 27 Candidates of Sciences, Professors, Associates of Professors including Honored Master of Sports, 2 Honored Trainers of Ukraine, 5 «Excellent Workers of Education of Ukraine» and «Honored Workers of University «Ukraine».


  Long-standing activity of scientific and pedagogical team connected with the implementation ofideas of inclusive education is indisputable contribution in the development of higher education. The institute was the first in Khmelnytskyi region to implement in life the principles of inclusive educational space and barrier-free access to getting higher education for people with special educational needs.

  At present moment almost one thousand of people get higher education by six specialties, among which 10% are youth with special needs and 17% -students- warriors of ATO/OUF.

  Teachers and students are active participants of scientific, cultural and public life of our town, the institution has extensive links with institutions of higher education, enterprises and organizations of Khmelnytskyi region. Scientific headquarter of institute plays a key role in scientific search and professional self-improvement of teachers and forms young researchers in various fields. Conferences, seminars, roundtables and trainings of national and regional levels are held annually for students, practitioners and leading scientists of Ukraine with the aim to exchange the experience.


  Cultural and public and upbringing work is carried out on high level. Much attention is paid to the sports work at the institute. The students are titled athletes, winners of sports competitions ofinternational, all-Ukrainian and regional levels in different kinds of sports.

  It is important fact that Khmelnytskyi Institute of Social Technologies is in constant development. New ideas, bold plans, modern vision of improvement of learning conditions, material and technical base and the implementation of the best experience of educational work are born and realized here.


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